Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Can You Reinvent Your Disney Experience?

If you've been to the Disney parks a few times, you probably have your plan in place. Up early and on the boat or bus or monorail. Sunblock, tickets, picture in front of the castle, FastPasses, popcorn, ice cream, the parade...

It all happens so fast. But do you ever get SO into your routine that you feel like you've been there, done that?

One way to break out of your routine is to try something new. Shake things up a bit! 

All of us at Magical Travel visit the Disney parks and cruise ships as often as we can. This keeps us up to speed on the latest tricks and tips so can share them with you. (We know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!) 

One of our agents, Tammy, is at Walt Disney World right now with her family. For as many times as she's been to Disney, she's always looking for new ways to experience some magic.

She recently shared a snapshot of how she and her family spent a magical day at Disney:

"We had so much fun today! We rode our bikes all over Fort Wilderness and we saw three deer, a rabbit, and a squirrel. We stopped and visited the Magic Kingdom horses, too, during their bath time!
(*NOTE - Didn't bring your bikes? You can always rent bikes at Fort Wilderness or other locations on Disney property)

We went to the Magic Kingdom around 8:30pm. We took the boat over and with that full moon beaming on the water it was nice!
It was close to parade time, but it seemed a lot less busy tonight. You could get right through by Casey's and the Crystal Palace. You don't see that often.

Anyway, we wanted to get a few things in so we hurried over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, then Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and Belle's show. We were able to meet Ariel in New Fantasyland and then we rode Space Mountain - we were the last guests to "fly" on Space Mountain tonight!
It was a super fun night at the Magic Kingdom! The boat ride back was close to empty, too. We sat on the front and enjoyed the moon again. This time we had a great cast member who came out and talked with us most of the ride back. Great cast members like this with so much knowledge can really make your day. Take time to get to know these people. I thought I knew everything there is to know about Disney but I learned some new things from him tonight.

Our family is ALWAYS on the lookout to try new things at Disney. You really have to reinvent the Walt Disney World experience every time you visit - especially when you visit a lot like us!"

Taking a late night boat ride, talking trivia with Disney cast members, going for a bike ride...these are just a few ways to shake up your routine.

You can also ride the monorail and get off at a different resort each time. Relax on a hammock at the Polynesian Beach Resort. Listen to the grand piano in the beautiful lobby of the Grand Floridian Beach Resort. Sit in front of the cozy fireplace at Wilderness Lodge...

So how will you reinvent your next Disney vacation?

Need more ideas? Our agents are the experts!

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