Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is the second blog post in our series about the new spaces on board the Disney Magic. If you've got little ones, they'll be so busy discovering the following "kids-exclusive" play areas in Disney's Oceaneers Club that you'll have time to enjoy some rest and relaxation of your own! 

Disney's Oceaneers Club is a unique play space designed for kids ages 3 - 12, with both organized and free play choices. You can register your child in advance or once you're on board. Each child receives a wristband, which they wear for the duration of the cruise. The wristband, along with a special password chosen in advance, is the only way a child will be allowed to leave the Club.

Once inside the Club, here's what your kids will discover:

Marvel’s Avengers Academy – Become a Hero

Super hero “recruits” step through a high-tech scanner that reveals their personal super powers during the interactive, multi-day "Become a Hero" experience at Marvel's Avengers Academy.

Andy’s Room

One of our favorite spots on the ship - Andy's Room - is a new multi-level youth space in Disney's Oceaneer Club that brings the stars of "Toy Story" to life! Stocked with all of Andy's favorite toys, the room has a giant, working Mr. Potato Head, a larger-than-life "Toy Story" piggy bank, Hamm, and Slinky Dog slide, an awesome way to get to the toy room floor. And...March! Young 'recruits' join Corporal Green and the Green Army Soldiers for a fun-filled tour of duty at Toy Story Boot Camp.
Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow invites guests into the enchanted land of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. Children can make crafts while sitting on stools shaped like mushrooms and acorns, play on computers shrouded in tree branches or dress up in fanciful costumes from Tinker Bell's teapot house.

Mickey Mouse Club
Mickey Mouse Club is a new youth area at the Oceaneer's Club where kids create crafts and play games on custom, ear-shaped tables, in a room splashed with Mickey's signature colors of red, yellow and black. The club also features Goofy Gears, an oversized activity where kids play with wacky, magnetic spinning gears. 

Kinda makes you wish adults could play at the Oceaneer's Club too, huh?

So tell us, what else do you want to know about the new kids' areas on the Disney Magic? And which area do you think your kids will like best?

Our next post will show you all the new enhancements to the water experiences on the ship. Be warned...there's one waterslide with a really scary drop...

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