Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nemo's Been Found! Now Where's Mom?

Think about your family photos.

Now be honest, moms. How many of these pictures are YOU in?

I've had some phone trouble lately. So while I wait for my replacement phone to be ready, I decided to download all 1,648 photos to my computer. I couldn't believe how many pictures were on my phone!

What's even more amazing is that I'm only in a handful of these pictures. Same for the memory card on my digital camera. How could this happen? I'm pretty much the family historian. I'm the dutiful one at school plays, spring concerts and swim lessons with my camera set in my hand, ready to point and shoot. I'm the one with shoeboxes full of photos (yet to be sorted). And yet, I'm not in these pictures. Isn't that the way when we're on vacation, too? Usually the one parent wielding the camera is the one missing from most of the family photos. Am I talking about you?

Disney's PhotoPass Makes Sure Everyone Gets in the Shot

When you're on vacation, there are so many things to do, including charging your phone or camera battery. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have all your family memories captured by someone else? Wouldn't it also be nice to have the whole family in one shot - including mom!

Disney's PhotoPass+ might be a good option to consider. For a one-time fee paid in advance of your trip, all your memories can be captured and available on a CD. Now you can actually enjoy watching your child meet Mickey for the first time without fumbling for your phone, your camera or, worse, a replacement battery.

It's pretty seamless. You give the pass to the Disney photographers (and they're everywhere!), they'll snap some shots and hand the pass back to you. You can do this with character greetings, while dining, at the resorts, and even on some attractions.

In fact, if you've ever had your photo taken on rides like Splash Mountain, rather than purchase the picture right there - which can be kind of costly, you can just add it to your PhotoPass and it will appear on your CD.

This video gives a great overview of Disney's PhotoPass+

If it's something you want to consider for your next trip, just let us know. We'll work out the details so your family photographs will show something really special. Finally, they'll show the happy, smiling faces of everyone in your family.

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